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Proud To Be a participating Studio in The Wingman For Dance Program !


Wingman for Dance is a program from Dylan’s Wings of Change, a foundation dedicated to the memory of Dylan Hockley, one of the first grade victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Dylan was six years old and had autism, and could be his best when those around him would be his Wingman. You can find out more at 



Also, find us on Facebook (Wingman For Dance) and on Instagram @wingman4dance.

Wingman for Dance inspires dancers to become helpful heroes that go above and beyond for each other. Wingman boosts children’s confidence and recognizes their unique strengths .Wingman inspires empathy, compassion, kindness and most importantly, acceptance of all children regardless of any perceived differences.


These are the Wingman Core values that we will be talking about during the sessions:

Winning Isn't Everything

Include Everyone

Never Shut Anyone Down

Go Above and Beyond

Step Up and take the Lead 



Our KMC Wingmen will be having monthly activity/team building sessions for the younger dancers as well as the show unit dancers.  The focus will be on what makes each dancer special, getting to know each other more and making the studio a true community where everyone feels like they have a "wingman"



Parents are encouraged to drop off their dancer so they can "hang" with the wingmen at the studio. Dancers should just wear street clothes to the meetings. 

The Wingmen will be meeting once a month with our dancers for new activities, crafts and discussion/circle time.  We are excited to see how the dancers continue to grow in inclusiveness and comradery throughout the year

Wingman Event Nights




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