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                                      Christine - Owner/Instructor

                                                                Christine has been teaching the

                                                               love and artistry of dance to students

                                                              for over 25years.  She started dancing

                                                                     at the age of 5 with Kay Marie and

                                                                 Carol’s School of Dance.  She started

                                                                        managing their Albertville studio in 1995.                                                                                                   She teaches all age groups                                                                  at the studio and is passionate about

                                                                 finding the best in each dancer. She

                                                                   performed competitively in groups

                                                                       and as a soloist for 12 years.  She

                                                                has attended various conventions to

                                                                       further her dance knowledge

and expand her experience.  Her dances have been awarded with top honors at competitions, including outstanding choreography and judge’s awards. She has had dancers awarded with national awards and asked to perform with national all-Star teams. She is trained in the dance styles of classical ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical. She has been nominated consecutively for Dance teacher of the year through DX Events. 


Christine believes that teaching the proper technique in all of those styles is key for developing confident dancers.  She believes that the studio should be place where students feel that they are important and cared for.  She strives to make the studio atmosphere fun, engaging and nurturing.   Upon taking ownership of the studio in 2016, now known as KMC Dance, she continues to pass on the values that have always been so fundamental at the studio.   She has lived in the STMA area for 18 years and loves the community that she has become a part of.  Her Daughter is a STMA 2022 graduate, and she has a son in middle school who have both been active in various activities and organizations in the STMA area.


Megan-Lead Instructor

    Head of Hip Hop,

Lyrical and

Contemporary Programs 

Megan started her dance career

when she was 7 years old. She originally

trained at a different studio in
     classical ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical,

and hip hop.  Megan eventually found

her dance home at KMC’s

Robbinsdale location. She

was in search of a studio that would

teach the art of dance with

compassion and respect.  She was

very active in going to various competitions

with her lines and as a soloist.

She started teaching classes at the

Robbinsdale location and is  now exclusively at KMC Dance Albertville. She has been with the program for  for 8 years.  
She is a lead instructor of our show unit groups and the head of the Hip Hop Program. She has worked with soloists and our recreational youth classes as well. Her dances have consistently placed in the top brackets at competitions.  Gaining experience through those classes, Megan has 
realized that teaching is in her heart and wants to reach as many child

as she can. Megan has graduated college with a degree in Elementary Education with a background in Psychology. She is currently working as a 2 nd grade teacher. She is continuing to learn that each week with school aged children is a different adventure!  As head of the hip hop program, she is creating an environment for students to break out of their shell to learn new and interesting moves while keeping the base of hip hop in her
curriculum. Megan hopes to build trust and confidence with each and every dancer by putting a smile on their face and a hop in their step. Megan wants her students to feel loved and at home when they are at the studio and hopes that students learn something new while having fun


Hayden -Instructor

Hayden has danced at KMC Albertville since

she was 4 and has loved it from the very

beginning. She loves being around her

dance family and has made lifelong friendships through dance. Haydens favorite styles

of dance are ballet and pointe, she has been

doing pointe for 5 years and competing in the pointe line for 3. Hayden has a passion for the

littlest of our dancers. One of her favorite

things to do is teaching at the studio, getting 

to help young kids learn dance has always been a dream for her and she hopes to go to college forteaching as well. She believes the best thing about dancing and teaching is the relationships you get to make along the way


Bio Coming Soon


Lilly -Assistant Instructor

Lilly has been dancing at KMC Albertville since she was 2. She enjoys doing various styles of dance like jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, and her favorite, tap. Lilly has experience dancing as a soloist for the past 6 years. As well as being a soloist she has experience dancing in duets, small groups and large groups, all of which she has received many platinum and top score awards for, along with several winning group routines throughout the years of her competition career. Throughout her dance experience, Lilly’s love for dance and performing on stage has grown drastically. One of the things Lilly loves so much about dancing at KMC is not only the bond she has made with the staff members and her teachers but the life long friendships it has brought her. One of the things Lilly loves most about being an instructor at KMC is being able to share her love of dance with other people and watching them grow as dancers. Along with dancing at the studio Lilly is also a member of the STMA Knights Dance Team.

Our Instructor Team

The KMC Dance Albertville instructors are all former students at KMC. They all were taught and trained in the art of dance with the same principles and values as the studio owner..

  They have experience in all levels and forms of dance training. 


KMC Dance Albertville has a cohesive learning environment for dancers because the teachers have the same vision for what a productive and successful dancing environment should be for the students.  Dancers will receive different perspectives on choreography and style from each instructor while still sticking to the core values of the studio.

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