Communications for All Students

Click here for our June Calendar for practices.


Class Pictures will be held July 8th and 9th 

Picture Schedule

For Classes with more than 1 costume, please come in the ballet costume first.


Wednesday July 8th

4:15-5:00 Twinkles

5:15 “Taking Chances” Lyrical

5:20 Moonbeams

6:30 “Hide and Seek “Lyrical

6:45 “Jump Hip Hop

7:00- “My Girl “ and “Pac Man Fever”

7:30 Sparkles

8:45 Pointe Line and Contemporary

9:00 Starlettes and “Don’t Play Games” Lyrical


Thursday July 9th

4:45 “Little Fishes”

5:15 “Bug-A-Boo”

5:40 “Cute Tapping Mouse”

6:10 “Play..Board Game”  “Monkey Dance”

7:00 “Lollipop” and “Twist Again”

7:45 “Bop It” Hip Hop

8:00 “Free Falling” and “Shake, Rattle Roll”




Things that we need to change picture week:


* We cannot have any parents in the studio (we need to keep our number of the  people in  the building under the maximum allowed) One of the instructors will meet your dancers outside when we are ready for them to enter. We will wipe down all surfaces in-between picture sessions. All dancers will wash their hands when they enter the building. Once dancers are done, we will escort them back out of the building.


* For our show unit dancers, ALL hair and makeup will stay the same for ease of changing as quickly as possible. Hair will be in a low bun with a center part. This applies for lyrical, pointe and contemporary as well. 


*Show Unit Soloists: If you want solo pictures done, please sign up for a slot on Wednesday or Thursday via the Sign-Up Genius as we will not have time during your regular class slot. 


* For our non-show unit classes, hair and makeup should be done as outlined in your parent letter.


* Picture Payments. 

If you did not  already purchase photos, I have attached another form for you. You can have your dancer bring in the form either when they come in for practice in the next few weeks, or the day of pictures. There will NOT be any late fees for pictures this year.


*You can attach a check to the order form

*You can have your dancer come to the desk with a credit card and we can run it at the desk

*You can attach a note letting me know to put the pictures on your portal. If you choose this option, your credit card on file on your portal will be run that same day for payment.


*Group Photos 

We will be doing group photos of each class. We will do them very quickly and may not take such acute detail in  fixing all of the little things that we would normally do in a group photo because we don't the dancers to be too close to each other for a longer period of time then necessary. If you do not want your dancer to be in a group photo, we respect that decision. You have 2 choices then. They can come to the allotted time for their class and just have individual photos taken. If you do NOT want them to be in the group photos when they come in during their classes time slot, PLEASE indicate that on your order form.

Or, if you want to sign up for your own personal time in the studio on Wednesday or Thursday between the hours of 1:00-4:00, you can sign up here.


Wednesday July 8th Sign up here:


Thursday July 9th Sign Up Here :




 If your dancer has multiple costumes and will need more time than allotted in the sign up slot, please sign up for as much time that you think your dancer will need. Each costume should take one 10 minute slot.

Remember, only sign up via the Sign up genius if your dancer is NOT coming in during their appointed class time or they are a soloist. 

Daddy Daughter Practice for June:

June 15th

6:00-6:45 for dancers (and dads) who are in non-show unit classes

7:00-7:45 For show unit dancers and their dads

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