Communications for All Students


The Studio Calendar can be found on the calendar Tab. The schedule for our theme weeks can also be found there. The Wingman event nights can be found under the Wingman tab.

Class Pictures

Pictures: Sunday March 27th -Monday March 28th

  • Come in Costume, make-up and hair done.  Ensure everything is labeled. For Show Unit Pictures on March 27tht  we will have the order in which pictures will be taken the week before. We ask that on Sunday May 27th  for show unit pictures, parents are not in the building to minimize traffic and cleaning and allowing more space for dancers to change and lay out their things.  The All Show Unit Picture will be taken on stage again this year !  Time on Sunday the 15th time  TBA

Darby’s dancers  Sunday March 27th 10:00


Twinkles  Sunday March 27th 10:30-11:30


“Once Upon a Time” Lyrical Sunday  March 27th 11:30-11:45


Moonbeams and Sparkles Sunday March 27th 11:45-1:00


Pointe Line Sunday March 27th 1:00-1:15


“Up” Contemporary Sunday March 27th  1:15-1:35


“Avatar” Contemporary Sunday March 27th 1:35-2:00


Thursday 6:45 “Evening in Roma” and “Hooray for Hollywood” 

Sunday March 27th 2:00-2:40


“Promise” Lyrical Sunday March 27th 2:30


“Technologic” Hip Hop Sunday March 27th  3:00


Stars Sunday March 27th  3:30-4:30


Starlettes and “Spirit”Lyrical  Sunday  March 27th   4:30-5:45


Solos/duets Will take in between class pics


Monday 3:45 “Tiki Room”” Monday  March 28th  3:45-4:05


Monday 4:30 and Monday 9:30 “Zuka Zama”   Monday March 28th 4:05-4:25


Thursday 4:30 “Technology” and “Baby Yoda’  Monday March 28th  4:30-5:10


5:15 Hip Hop “Jungle Walk”  Monday March 28th 5:15-5:30


Saturday 9:30 “Zip a Dee Do Dah”  Monday March 28th 5:30-5:50


Saturday 10:00 “It’s a Small World”  Monday March 28th  5:50-6:10


Saturday 10:45 “Ahh Paris” and “It’s a Disney kind of day”” Monday March 28th 6:10-6:45


Thursday 5:30 “Princess   “ and “Mickey Mouse Fun House” Monday March 28th 6:45-7:45


Monday 7:15 “Supercala” Hip Hop  Monday March 28th 7:45-8:00



Studio Closed Saturday April 9th 

All instructors will be out of town for a competition

Saturday 9:15 Makeup Class: Monday April 11th 5:00-5:30


Saturday 10:00 Makeup class: Monday April 11th 5:30-6:00


Saturday 10:45 Makeup Class: Thursday April 14th 5:30-6:30


Flower Orders Due: Saturday April 16th 


Ticket Sales Start : Saturday April 23rd at 9:00 am 

  1. Recital Online Sales will close for the recitals Thursday May 12th at 10:00pm

  2. Tickets are $16.00 each. Everyone in a seat MUST have a ticket. There are no exchanges or refunds on tickets. A tick link will be emailed out the week before ticket sales start 

  3. Please be considerate of others when considering bringing a young child to the performance. The show is about 90 minutes. We ask that you remove disruptive children from the auditorium immediately. 

  4. Tickets can be purchased the day of recitals for $20.00 CASH ONLY

“Zuka Zama” Combined Practices: Monday May 2nd and 9th 4:30-5:15

There will NOT be morning class those days, just at 4:30

Accounts Paid in Full: Sunday May 1st 

Accounts must be paid in full for dancers to participate in the recitals. 

Rehearsal:  Friday May 13th   at Zabee Theatre at Elk River High School

  1. Arrive 15-20 min before your listed time on the schedule in costume, hair and make-up.

  2. ALL STUDENTS MUST BE AT REHEARSAL AND BOTH RECITALS – anyone who is absent from rehearsal will not be accepted back as a student the following year.

  3. Anyone NOT on stage when your dance is called, will be considered absent and will not perform that dance in recital

  4. Videotaping is allowed during rehearsal, but NOT during recital.  2022 Recital DVD’s can be purchased starting in July

  5. Every student must have a parent/guardian with them while they are at rehearsal, every student must stay in the Performing Arts Building

  6. Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK in the auditorium 

Recitals:    Sunday May 15th at  11:00 and 4:00 

(Show Unit needs to arrive an hour before the show All other classes arrive a half hour before the show)

  1. Students must enter through the stage door. We can only allow the younger students backstage once our backstage help is in place. If you bring them to the stage door too early, we may not be ready to take them yet.  Only students allowed back stage. NO parents/relatives may enter through stage door

  2. All younger classes bring a bag of things to do; color books (no markers), books, etc.  DO NOT bring anything valuable.  NO FOOD or DRINKS are allowed back stage

  3. Help back stage!!!   We cannot run a smooth recital without parents to help backstage.. There is  a link on the website, and one will be e-mailed out to you.  Thank you!



Friday May 13th   at Zabee Performing Arts Center 

(Elk River High School)

4:45  pm     Happiest Place on Earth 

5:00            It’s a Disney kind of Day

                   It’s a Small World

                   The Mad Hatter

                   Princess Promenade

                   Fairytale for the 21st Century

5:30            The Haunted Mansion 


5:15             The Wonders of Technology


                    Worldwide Party

                    Underneath a Lovely London Sky            


5:45             An Evening in Roma

                    Ahh Paris

                    Welcome to Pandora 

6:00             Tiki Room

                    The Jungle Walk

                    Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

                    Trashin the Camp

6:30             Zuka Zama


                    Hooray for Hollywood

                    The Trolley Song

                    Dream On

7:00             Baby Yoda

                   Toy Story

                   Twilight Zone 

                   Route 66


7:45            Mickey Mouse Fun House

                   Once Upon a Time


                  Zip a Dee Doo Dah (5:30)

                   Arabian Nights


                    Cruella Deville

                    Dead Men Tell No Tales

                    Fireworks Spectacular


Music Ordering Information

Having the music for your dancer at home is essential for helping them practice at home. All our songs that we use for performances are cut and edited so you will not be able to use the version that you find in iTunes or YouTube.

For dancers in regular classes:

It is advised that your dancer has the music for recital numbers to practice with. Typically, they will start their recital numbers in January. Some classes that are asked to perform in the optional Christmas show will start those dances right away in September.  Getting into a good practicing habit right away in the fall will set up your dancer for success in grasping the memorization/choreography of their recital dances.

Dancers in Show Unit:

Being a show unit member means that our dancer may also be participating in lyrical/pointe/contemporary/extra production number/daddy-daughter.  Your dancer will have a minimum of 5 dances that they will need to be practicing at home. Every dance that they learn will be performed in a show/competition.

A Note on music pricing:

The music is priced in a manner to cover the music licensing fees that the studio incurs every year, the cost of the software to edit the music, the cost of hiring a music editor and the time in transferring files to the chosen method of music delivery. The studio pays a hefty price to legally be able to play music in the studio to a couple of different licensing agencies such as ASCAP and SEESAC. We can keep our price for purchasing music as low as we can, if we are able to cover all the costs incurred with the music fees we need to pay. If each family is purchasing music for their own use and not sharing it among others, we can continue to keep these costs as low as we can. By purchasing the music for your OWN use and not sharing it with others it is one more way you are helping a small business.


Option 1:    Your songs will be sent in a file through e-mail when they are ready. Songs will ONLY BE SENT ONCE.

Option 2:   Purchase a studio USB and have the music files uploaded to the USB. You will be responsible for bringing the USB back to the studio to have additional placed on it. Songs will only be placed on a studio purchased USB. The USB can be used each year, it is a one-time purchase for  $8.00. This is a great option for families and dancers doing solos-duets-trios and they will always have their song in a back-up form for competitions.