Communications for All Students


The Studio Calendar can be found on the calendar Tab. The schedule for our theme weeks can also be found there. The Wingman event nights can be found under the Wingman tab.

Holiday Show Information

Our annual holiday show will be held on Sunday December 19th at the Elk River High School. The show will be at 12:00 with a rehearsal beforehand. Tickets will go on sale online on December 4th.

We always try to teach our dancers to find a way to use their talent to give back to the community. For this show we ask the dancers are asked to bring an item to donate to the Ronald McDonald house.


Here is a list of  the suggested items that they need year round.

Wish List Items

• Cash Donations

• Gift Cards

• AA Batteries

• Foaming Hand Soap

• Heavy Duty 10” Paper Plates

• 20 oz. Paper Bowls

• Hot to-go Cups with Lids

• Toilet Paper

• Ziploc Bags

• Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags

• Hand Sanitizer

• Liquid Dishwasher Soap

• Juice Boxes

• Shelf-stable Individual Meals

• Fruit Cups

• Beef/Turkey Sticks

• Pop Tarts

• Individual-sized Bags of Nuts

• Microwave Popcorn

• Soft Fruit Snacks

• Chewy Granola Bars

At the end of the show the dancers will bring their donations to the stage as part of the show finale. More information regarding the show details will be communicated in mid-November  

Music Ordering Information

Having the music for your dancer at home is essential for helping them practice at home. All our songs that we use for performances are cut and edited so you will not be able to use the version that you find in iTunes or YouTube.

For dancers in regular classes:

It is advised that your dancer has the music for recital numbers to practice with. Typically, they will start their recital numbers in January. Some classes that are asked to perform in the optional Christmas show will start those dances right away in September.  Getting into a good practicing habit right away in the fall will set up your dancer for success in grasping the memorization/choreography of their recital dances.

Dancers in Show Unit:

Being a show unit member means that our dancer may also be participating in lyrical/pointe/contemporary/extra production number/daddy-daughter.  Your dancer will have a minimum of 5 dances that they will need to be practicing at home. Every dance that they learn will be performed in a show/competition.

A Note on music pricing:

The music is priced in a manner to cover the music licensing fees that the studio incurs every year, the cost of the software to edit the music, the cost of hiring a music editor and the time in transferring files to the chosen method of music delivery. The studio pays a hefty price to legally be able to play music in the studio to a couple of different licensing agencies such as ASCAP and SEESAC. We can keep our price for purchasing music as low as we can, if we are able to cover all the costs incurred with the music fees we need to pay. If each family is purchasing music for their own use and not sharing it among others, we can continue to keep these costs as low as we can. By purchasing the music for your OWN use and not sharing it with others it is one more way you are helping a small business.


Option 1:    Your songs will be sent in a file through e-mail when they are ready. Songs will ONLY BE SENT ONCE.

Option 2:   Purchase a studio USB and have the music files uploaded to the USB. You will be responsible for bringing the USB back to the studio to have additional placed on it. Songs will only be placed on a studio purchased USB. The USB can be used each year, it is a one-time purchase for  $8.00. This is a great option for families and dancers doing solos-duets-trios and they will always have their song in a back-up form for competitions.