KMC Dance Year

Calendar 2020-2021

Items in BOLD with a * are for our Tuesday night Show Unit dancers ONLY

Dates are subject to change due to COVID. Theatres, school districts and competitions are all working to get things scheduled and planned in a manner that is in accordance with the guidelines from the MDH and CDC.  Dates that are TBC (to be confirmed) will be communicated with you as soon as we get confirmation from the venues.  The dates printed are the dates that were requested and applied for, the venues are just waiting to confirm and have contracts set when it is unsure what will happen with theatre capacity.



Full schedule starts September 8th  

 Theme week : 21st-26th   Wingman Night: 18th



Halloween week: 26th-31st          

Wingman night: 30th



Theme week:  16th-21st          

Wingman night: 20th

Studio Closed for Thanksgiving break Wednesday 25th-Saturday the 28th



 *Annual Christmas show Dec.  TBC Saturday the 12th

Studio Closed for Winter Break Wednesday the 23rd-Thursday the 31st  

 Theme week: 14th-19th    Wingman night: 18th



Theme Week: 18th-23rd            Wingman night: 15th



*League of Champions Competition (mandatory for show unit members)  26th-28th  

 Theme week: 22nd-27th               Wingman night: 19th



*Amaze competition (mandatory for show unit members)    12th-14th  

  Theme week:  22nd-27th             Wingman night:19th



* Starz competition at the Kalahari (optional for show unit members) 16th-18th

 Theme week: 19th-24th    Wingman Night: 23rd



 Rehearsal and Recital #1  TBC   Saturday the 15th       Recital #2  TBC  Sunday the 16th