2019 Celebrating Dancing Fun in Albertville for 25 years !

Show Unit Communications

2020 Optional Production Number












Our show unit dancers have the opportunity to participate

in an extra production number in recital. This is an optional

dance for recital performances only. The dancers have so

much fun with this number as dancers from all 4 units practice

together and I choreograph the dance in a manner that makes

it a fun, easy to memorize dance. We start practices in February,

so the dancers have completed learning all of their other dances so they are not trying to memorize this dance on top of other dances.


Practice schedule:

Saturday February 15th 11:15-1:15

Saturday February 29th 11:15-1:15

Friday March 6th (Sparkles and Starlettes Only) 4:15-5:15

Saturday March 7th (Twinkles/Moonbeams Only) 11:15-12:45

Friday March 27th 5:00-7:00

Saturday April 4th 11:15-1:15

Friday April 10th 5:00-6:30

Friday April 24th 4:30-5:15



Please sign up for the number by February 1st

 via your portal. You will find the production number labeled as “Clue Production Number”

I NEED the dancers signed up via the portal by February 1st, as I will be giving the dancers different parts as to portray the characters in “Clue” and I will need to start choreographing and getting costumes ordered.  You do not need to pay for the production Number in its entirety until April 1st. The lessons for the production will be $100. Costumes will be in the $45-$60 range, I always try to keep the costume cost as low as I can for the production number. Once I have ordered the costumes and have a definite price, the price for you costume will be added onto your portal and it will need to be paid by April 1st as well.

Pointe Line Information 

Upcoming Practices:

Saturday January 4th   7:30 am-8:45 am


Saturday January 11th  7:30am 8:45 am


Saturday January 18th  11:15am -12:30pm


Saturday January 25th  7:30am-8:45am


Saturday February 1st  11:15-12:45pm


Saturday February 8th  11:15-12:15pm


Saturday February 15th  8:00-9:30 am


Saturday February 29th 8:00-8:45 am


Saturday March 7th   8:00-8:45 am


Saturday April 4th   8:00-8:45 am