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We realize there are many different activities to choose from in our community for your child to be involved in. We also realize that there are quite a few dance studios to choose from. We thank you for taking the time to read why KMC stands apart from other studios. We hope this will answer some questions that you have regarding our dance programs.


Where can I buy the required dance shoes that are needed for my child?

At KMC, we will always have the shoes that your dancer needs in stock at the desk.


Do I have to buy the shoes at KMC?

No, however we do require a certain style and color for performances. If your dancer starts the year in a different color/style that is fine. Your dancer just needs to have the correct style and color before picture day and recitals in the spring. Something to note, the shoes that we carry are dance shoes that are made to hold up and be kid friendly. We don’t use shoes with laces/ties as they frequently come undone and can be distracting in class. Ballet shoes with the ties in the front start to hurt the tops of dancer's feet when tucked in. Our ballet shoes do not have strings and they have a very soft arch. Our tap shoes have taps that hold up and the backs of the shoes have a little cushion so there is no painful rubbing. Also, when you buy directly from us, you are helping out a small business!  Our shoes are competitively priced with what you will find at places like Target or Amazon and will hold up longer and be more comfortable on your child.


What sort of dance attire is required?

We ask that dancers wear dance attire. Leotards/tank tops with either dance shorts/skirts. We ask that their hair is pulled back so it's not distracting as they dance. Tights are optional. We do not require certain colors for certain classes as we believe that each child should be able to express themselves individually and wear what they feel comfortable in. We do carry an assortment of leotards that we have found to be comfortable. They have soft lining n them and wash up very well. Again, buying from us means you are helping out a small business who in turn helps out other small businesses!


Do you allow parents to watch class?

YES ! We welcome parents, grandparents and anyone who wants to come and watch a class to come in at any time. We encourage parents to watch class each week as long as it is not a distraction to the dancer in class. We have our parents observe from the back of the classroom, not through a window or closed door. Parents can observe most other practices for sports, we don’t think dance class should be any different. 


Is there a recital, and is it required?

Yes, we have 2 spring recitals that we hold in early May. We do NOT extend our dance season into the summer months. We try to schedule rehearsal and recitals on one weekend. Our shows are typically 90 minutes long. We do not have overly long shows with solos/intermissions/curtain closures. We have an efficient show with efficient stage transitions which gives us a recital where we showcase our entire studio in one 90-minute show. The Recital is part of the learning process for dancers and one of the most fun experiences!  


Are there any other performance opportunities?

Our dancers in our ages 5 and up classes have the opportunity to also perform in our annual holiday show. This is an optional activity; classes will be given more information at the beginning of the year regarding this show. The Holiday show takes place in one day, show and the rehearsal.


Are your costumes age appropriate?

Absolutely. Our recreational dancers always have a full body costume. Even as our dancers progress into our competitive lines, we keep our costumes conservative as well as our music and choreography. We don't believe in using fake eyelashes or fake hairpieces on our young dancers. They need stage makeup for recital as any performance art would for their faces to show up on stage. We showcase all of our previous year's dances/costumes in our studio so you can get an idea of what we believe are appropriate costumes for ages 3 through adult. 


What if my child decides they don't want to continue? Will I be charged a fee if they do not complete the year?

If your child decides that they do not want to finish out the year, you will not be charged for the remaining lessons. The registration fee is nonrefundable. Only the lessons that were taken prior to the dismissal date need to be paid. Costumes will be ordered for the spring recital in the fall. Once the costumes have been ordered, you are responsible for the remainder of the costume payment. Costume payments are made on October 1st and December 1st for our recreational dancers.


Do boys dance free at KMC?

No, they don't. We believe in equality for all genders; therefore, boys will need to pay for their lessons just as girls do.


Are there other activities offered for dancers besides regular classes?

Yes, we like to connect with our dancers outside of regular class. We also think it is important for our older dancers to get to know our younger dancers and vice versa. The younger dances feel comfortable backstage and feel extra special when the older dancers know them. 

Wingman nights are held monthly for all students. We have a group of older dancers that lead these sessions. The dancers come on either a Friday or Saturday night for games, snacks, crafts and circle discussion time. The best part is you have a trusted place to leave your dancer for an hour and a half each month for free! 

We also like to shake things up each month and break the dress code rules and dress up for classes according to the designated theme that month. 
















Things that we think set KMC apart.

As stated above, we know you have lots of choices for your child. Here are some things that we think set us apart.


We have been teaching dance in STMA for 28 years. Our lead instructors have been teaching dance for anywhere from 9-27 years. We understand that a cookie cutter approach where dance classes are taught from a manual do not work for each class. Each class is unique in its personality, strengths, what keeps them focused and what makes them work hard. There are studios that have purchased manuals and programs for instruction, we believe that that approach does not work for each class, and we are proud that we have teachers who are experienced enough to understand how to work each class so the dancers can effectively learn, stay focused, and have fun.


We believe in teaching correct terminology. We believe even our youngest dancers can start practicing the correct words for the steps they are learning. By learning a few words a year, their dance vocabulary becomes quite extensive as they grow. Plus, how awesome that they learn French while they learn ballet!


We also believe in having fun. Each age group has specific fun activities during class that helps with balance, timing, musicality, teamwork, and imagination. What's so great about these activities is the dancers don’t even realize that they are learning so much about the fundamentals of dance in what feels like a game.


We believe that other sports and activities are a GOOD thing! Even as our dancers grow into our competitive lines, their time required at the studio each week is minimal compared to other studios' competitive lines. Approximately 70-80 percent of our competitive line dancers are also in another sport/activity. We also have dancers who want to spend as much time as they can at the studio. They choose to take on extra classes, and even take private lessons to compete as a soloist. We can accommodate the dancer who only wants to dance as well as the dancers who want to try other things as well. 


We are aware of family budgets. We keep

our prices in line to make sure our excellent staff

is taken care of and the business is supported.

We will NEVER REQUIRE you to purchase a

recital t-shirt, a studio warm up jacket, a recital

DVD, or require an expensive trip to a national

competition for our competition dancers.

We believe that you should never be required

to pay for anything that you do not choose for



Some people wonder "Does it really matter

where my child starts dancing when they

are only 3-year-old?”

If your child ends up loving dance, they

will most likely grow up with a lot of the

classmates that they meet at 3 years old,

and possibly see those same

classmates until they graduate. They

make connections, lifelong friends, and

the studio becomes their second home.

If your child ends up growing up in a studio,

you want to be sure that you start them

in a studio where you understand what

dance looks like for them as they get older. It is very hard for dancers to change studios where they have made connections and friends. Knowing what the studio believes about time commitments, expenses, costuming, and structure are things to consider as you choose a studio.

Thank you for considering KMC for your child. We are always happy to answer any other questions that you have either through email, a phone call, or in person.

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