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We are so excited to be a participating studio for the Darby's Dancers organization!


Read here to learn about Darby's Dancers

Darby’s Dancers is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by the parents of Darby Jones of Huntsville, Alabama. Darby’s Dancers provides an opportunity for children with special needs to participate in the performing arts through dance education.

    At once-a-week classes, Darby's Dancers learn all types of dance in a fun, encouraging atmosphere. Dancers in the program gain confidence, coordination, strength and lifelong friends, all while feeling like a star.  DD also provides volunteer opportunities for teens. Our youth volunteers learn important lessons in responsibility and friendship by providing one-on-one assistance to each of Darby's dancers.

    DD classes are taught by volunteer dance instructors and take place in donated studio space. The charitable contributions of youth volunteers, dance instructors, community dance studios and local businesses allow DD to provide dance classes, supplies and costumes to dancers with special needs at no cost to their parents.

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Darby's Dancer Scheule 2023-2024

Ages 4-11 Monday Nights 5:30-6:00

Ages 12-18 Saturday 11:45

Registration will open on July 20th for our school year classes. There is a $95.00 Fee due for the regular September-May classes for the National Darby's Dancers association dues 


 Please contact Christine at for more information about the program.


What is Darby’s Dancers?

Darby’s Dancers is a dance education program for children with special needs.

Classes take place in a local dance studio where each child is accepted into the life of the entire studio. Founded in memory of Darby Emma Jones (1999-2013) of Huntsville, Alabama, Darby’s Dancers was developed to give children with special needs the opportunity to enjoy the performing arts as Darby did in an atmosphere of community and inclusion for all.


How does my child qualify to participate?

Child must have a disability as identified in an IEP or physician diagnosis.


What is the cost?

There is a yearly fee of $95.00 that goes to the Darby's Organization. The lessons, costumes and shoes that are needed will all be taken care of by the studio. 


What will my child need?

Dance attire, shoes and recital costumes will be provided as well as other items deemed necessary by the program coordinator.


Will my child have performance opportunities?

Darby’s Dancers participate in the annual dance recital at the minimum. Some studios have other performance opportunities such as winter shows or friendly competitions.


Who will help my child in class?

The class will be led by a professional dance teacher and each child will have a teenage mentor to assist them.


Does my child need previous dance experience?



Is attendance mandatory?

Everyone has to miss class occasionally due to illness, family trips, etc. We encourage the child to attend as often as possible. The dance studio is giving up time and space that could be otherwise used for paying customers. Teenagers have scheduled the time with your child and will be there whether your child is there or not. There is usually a waiting list of children waiting to join the program. If attendance is a problem, you will be asked to reconsider your request to participate.


Do you accept children with any disability?

All except extremely medically fragile individuals or those with behavioral issues.


What are the qualifications of the teachers?

Classes are taught by dance professionals who may or may not have specialized training in special education. Volunteers working with the program most likely do not have specialized training. The national organization provides annual training to all chapters and there are many opportunities for dance professionals to participate in training. It is not mandatory, however. We provide the best we can with the best of intentions regarding your child with safety our highest priority. Darby’s Dancers is designed to be an engaging physical and social opportunity for our students but is NOT professional therapy.

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