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KMC Dance Albertville  

Community Events

The KMC Studio teaches their dancers to take their talent and give it back to their community. Our dancers are involved with the FYCC (family, youth, community connections) helping with fun activities for children at the open streets events. They helped out at Albertville Friendly City days with free crafting tables for children. The dancers painted kindness rocks and hid them all over the community for children to find. We are proud sponsors of Albertville Friendly Days and St. Michael Daze and Knights .During the holiday season we have many activities our dancers are involved in to spread cheer and holiday spirit including:
*Food drive in the studio for the Hanover food shelf
*Free Dance show and refreshments during the Albertville Tree Lighting with the Lions Club
*Holiday show that benefits the Ronald McDonald House
*Holiday Card table in the studio where students make holiday cards for local care centers/nursing homes
*Traveling to local senior apartments/care centers and nursing homes to do holiday shoes for the residents. 

This past spring we were proud that our dancers made the decision to participate in a medal buy back option at one of our competitions. The Midwest Starz Dance Competition offers the option of buying back the medals that are awarded to the dancers and giving that money to a charity of our choice. Our dancers voted to give their awards back and give the money to the FYCC. 

Click Here to see our donation video

Free Crafting Tables at Friendly City Days

Having Fun at the Open Streets Events 

Making Holiday Cards

Community Kindness Rocks

Holiday Shows at local Care Centers/nursing homes/senior centers. Annual Holiday show benefitting the Ronald McDonald House. Frosty and Rudolph can be spotted at the Albertville Tree Lighting ceremony

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