Dance With Me Schedule and Registration

Dance with  Me
This 45-minute session will introduce the basics of dance to 2-3 year olds with help during class from a parent/caretaker. Participants will work on large and small motor skills, rhythm, coordination, working with others, balance and direction all while using lots of fun props and music. Participants are encouraged to have dance attire (leotards or tank tops and spandex shorts) and ballet and tap shoes. Slowly throughout the session, we will work on the little ones becoming independent dancers in class.
Winter session that will run from January 4th-February 8th 
Spring session that will run from February 29th-end of April.
Each 6 week session is $60.00
Ages 3 Years - 6 Years
Open to preschool and kindergartners, our 3 year - 6 year
class is a  45 minute combination class that introduces ballet
and tap technique. Designed for coordination, rhythm,
following directions and, most of all, enjoyment, the dancers
will learn proper technique and dance terminology.
Chioce of either a weekday or Saturday morning class time.
Ages 5Years  ( with previous experience) - 8 Years
Fun and energetic, our 7/8 class is a 75-minute or 1 hour  
combination ballet, tap and jazz class. Dancers will learn
proper technique and dance terminology and will
perform two numbers in our final recital.
Ages 9 Years and Older
Open to dancers age 9 and up, this beginner level
class teaches proper technique,
styling and dance terminology. Children are
given instruction in tap, jazz and ballet and participate
in two dance numbers in the year end recital.
Hip Hop
Open to children over the age of 6, this class is a blend of the
ever-changing world ofstreet, funk and urban-styled
jazz techniques. Dance music is "clean" and
age-appropriate. Classes are held according to age. .
Meet the KMC Albertville Show Unit
The KMC Show Unit is open to students ages 8 and up who
have demonstrated dedication and discipline in the art of dance.
Students receive show unit acceptance letters during the month
of July. Students changing studios who were not previously part
of the KMC Dance family can audition for a show unit at the time
of registration. The KMC Show Unit meets one night a week for
90 minutes and show unit members participate in one
mandatory holiday show, two  required local competitions,
optional nursing home shows, and the mandatory year end recitals.
18 ballet technique classes are mandatory. This is included in the the
monthly fee, however unlimited ballet technique classes are available
with no extra charge. While competitive and challenging, we have
structured our show units to allow students to participate in many
school and community activities throughout the dance year.
The Lyrical Classes are open to all show unit classes.
A lyrical routine is based on the interpretation of the the
lyrics and tells a story with the dance. It incorporates
strength and control while utilizing ballet and jazz techniques.
All classes include strength training of the core muscles.


The contemporary program is open to lyrical students who have been in the lyrical program for at least two years. Dancers are observed during the month of September to determine whether or not they have string enough technique, flexibility, and expression in their dancing to be a part of this line. 

Pointe Line

KMC offers a program for dancers who are discipled in the art of pointe.

This line has a designated class that meets during the week for technique

and training. They perform in recital and also attend competitions. 

This is a specialty class for dancers who have the technique

and strength to execute a dance en pointe. 

Daddy/Daughter Dance

We offer a chance for dads to get in on the recital action with their daughters.

They take 6-8 classes starting in the winter up through the recital date. The dance

is always a hit with the audience and it is a great way for dads to spend quality

time with their daughters doing something that they love..Dance !

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