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About KMC Dance Albertville

The KMC studios were started in 1958 by Kay Marie and Carol.  Their first studio was located in Robbinsdale and they expanded to other communities by opening studios in Shorewood, Arlington and Albertville.  They have trained hundreds of dancers in the 50 plus years of business. All of the instructors that KMC employs are former dancers of Kay Marie and Carol. We have been honored to teach many dancers in the STMA since opening the Albertville location in 1995.


Kay Marie and Carol believed in using your talent of dance to give back to others.  Along with yearly recitals and competitions, dancers participate in many community activities.  They travel to local care centers and nursing homes during the holiday season to perform holiday shows.  They have worked with the Make-a-Wish foundation, Toys for Tots, The Gifts for Seniors Program and the Ronald McDonald House.  


The KMC studio maintains strong family values by choosing costumes and choreography that are age appropriate for dancers and music choices that do not contain inappropriate lyrics.  We believe that parents should be paying for quality dance instruction, which is why we use correct terminology and encourage proper body placement and technique in all of our dancers.  We have an open studio policy which means we encourage parents, friends and relatives to sit in the studio while class is being taught.  Children grow up so quickly and we want to give parents the opportunity to watch how much they learn and grow in their dance class each week. 


Kay Marie and Carol decided that after 58 years of owning their studios it was time to retire. Christine Cliff took ownership of the Albertville location where she has been teaching since it’s opening in 1995.  She is excited and honored to carry on the traditions and values that Kay Marie and Carol have set in place.

The KMC Studios were recognized at the 2016 Starz Dance Competition with a Starzmanship award. The competition gives this award out to the studio they feel displays ethical and good sportsmanship-like conduct. Also a studio that goes above and beyond when interacting with other dancers and studios.

When they described our studio they stated that we have a strong sense of community, good family values, and they appreciated how much our older students were helpful and supportive to our younger students. We were kind to other dancers backstage and in the dressing rooms.

This embodies the core values of KMC Dance and everything Kay Marie and Carol believe in and taught us. We could not be more proud of our teachers, parents and especially our STUDENTS!

KMC Dance Albertville Mission Statement


At KMC Dance  Albertville, our students will learn the art and technique of dance in a positive and affirming atmosphere.
We will always look for the potential in each student and ensure every dancer feels important as they walk through the studio doors.
We will teach respect and dignity by choosing appropriate costumes that are paired with suitable music choices and choreography.
 We will show respect to our studio families by remaining organized, open with communication, maintaining affordable pricing without hidden costs and conscious of reasonable practice times. We will build an environment where dancers and their families know they are valued and cared about. 
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